Creative Arts


At Rigby Hall Art encourages pupils' creativity and imaginative capabilities through multi-sensory teaching.  Pupil creativity is celebrated and individuality is actively encouraged.  Art allows our pupils to express themselves through a wide range of media, including, painting, drawing and sculpture.  Pupils develop artistic skills through learning about colour, pattern, line, form, shape, space tone and texture.   Students also have opportunities to use digital technology to enhance their work, including photography. Pupils explore the work of famous artists, including those from the past and from other cultures, to inform learning new techniques and skills.  

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Pupils learn to experience and gain a love of music through multi-sensory approaches.  Pupils are encouraged to express themselves freely and creatively through fun and imaginative sessions.  We aim to foster pupil talents and interests through exposure to music.  This includes: joining in with songs and rhymes, playing instruments, experimenting with sounds, and listening to a variety of music.  Pupils learn to create their own music and develop skills associated with musical vocabulary.    Pupils also learn about great composers through time and appreciate their contribution to the musical world. 

Music is also celebrated to support communication with pupils in Early Years, KS1 and those on the orange pathway.

Rigby Hall has its own singing & signing choir which is fully inclusive of all of our pupils regardless of pathway. They perform at school assemblies, celebrations and performances. Our choir has also performed at local festivals.

Rigby Hall also offer individual music tuition for those pupils who are keen to develop their own talents in the musical field.

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Art Curriculum Design

Music Curriculum Design

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