At Rigby Hall School we provide a Maths curriculum that reflects the varying needs and learning styles of the pupils. Children will have equal access to a wide variety of mathematical experiences in order to give them the skills, knowledge and independence to cope with everyday life and prepare them for adulthood.

Mathematics teaches children how to make sense of the world around them through developing their confidence and competence in number work, measure, geometry, statistics and most importantly the using and applying of these skills.

At Rigby Hall School we will provide a Maths curriculum that reflects the varying needs and learning styles of pupils. It is our aim to cover all areas in the National Curriculum for Mathematics, enabling pupils to make progress relevant to them. 

Pupils progress through our Number knowledge and skills ladder from Early Years to KS3.  Pupils then progress in KS4 to follow an appropriate accrediation suited to their pathway.  Currently, our pupils on green pathway are accessing the AQA Entry Level Maths, pupils on the purple pathway are accessing AIM Entry Level Award in Maths and our pupils on the orange pathway are accessing ASDAN Personal Progress Maths units.  Where appropriate, pupils can also be entered for GCSE Maths. Pupils in KS5 follow the AIM Skills for Living and Work Maths units to further develop their mathematical knowledge for life beyond school.

Pupils will become secure with their subject knowledge, gain confidence to become independent, autonomous learners through a varied diet of activities.

In turn, pupils leaving Rigby Hall School will have a solid grasp of number and mathematical concepts which will equip them with the necessary skills to help support the challenges they individually face throughout their lives.

By making maths physical and practical it enables the children/young people to actively engage with the subject, both inside the classroom and out.


Maths Curriculum Design

Maths Curriculum Overview