There are 3 classes in our Key Stage 3 department; year 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.  3.1 and 3.2 are more class based with some lessons taught by specialised teachers to ensure an easier transition from Key Stage 2.  3.3 are taught by more specialist teachers to ensure an easier transition into Key Stage 4. 

Children are taught through areas of learning organised as subjects. Leading on from the focus of child-centered learning at Key Stage 2, pupils' experiences in Key Stage 3 become more enquiry-based, problem-centered, and involve more decision-making. Key Stage 3 pupils are given opportunities to develop skills throughout the whole curriculumn in a greater depth. All children in Key Stage 3 take part in work related learning. Children get to meet employers of businesses and participate in small projects to develop their personal 'work related' skills. Further to this, children in 3.3 can choose a vocational option relating to an occupation or employment, where they study a subject in greater depth.

Children have the opprtunity to go to Drayton manor and go on a Pioneer visit to develop team building and independence during their time in Key Stage 3. As well as these, children are given exciting opportunities to go on trips and learn outside the classroom in relation to their topic or learning objective.