Exam & Assessment Results

Outcomes for all learners

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Key Stage 4 and 5 average point scores

 Average point scores – what are they?

Each qualification a pupil receives has a number of points awarded to it – the harder or higher level the qualification, the higher the number of points awarded.

This is a measure used to compare pupils, schools and create league tables.

Over the years the point scores have been changed by the exam boards and government and many of the qualifications we offer for various reasons, i.e. all coursework based and not exam based, have had their point scores removed or reduced.

This does not make it easy to compare the achievements of the pupil’s year on year.

In discussion with our SIA I am still awarding the historic point values to each qualification so we have an in house tracker to use as a comparison tool.

Key Stage 2 Results

Pupils at Rigby Hall School do not take the KS2 SATS exams as they are not working at a level to access them.

However between Key stage 1 (years one and two) to Key stage 2 (years 3-6) we need to demonstrate what percentage of our students have improved by more than two levels in reading writing and maths.

This is easy to calculate for pupils who have attended Rigby Hall school in Key stage 1 and 2, but less accurate for pupils who have joined us mid key stage as the data we receive from their previous school is not always accurate.

The number of students in each Key stage is small so one or two children can hugely affect the percentage totals.

The table below shows the results of the pupils we have this information for.