Computing and Information Communication Technology is integral to the daily curriculum teaching and learning at Rigby Hall.  All classrooms have an interactive whiteboard screen, class Ipads and laptops, as well as resources to support communication and engagement in learning, such as sound buttons and touch sensitive software.  Pupils are also able to explore links between cause and effect and being aware of their actions through our dedicated sensory room.  

E-safety and accessing technology safely is integral to Computing learning, ensuring pupils are both aware of potential risks with technology use, as well as having the understanding of what to do if they come across inappropriate content.

Pupils in KS1-3 learn about the basics of computing through a set of modules. These include: developing an understanding of:

In KS4 those young people on the Green Pathway follow the Edexcel ICT Functional Skills Entry Level qualification. Those young people on the Purple and Orange Pathways continue to access the Computing curriculum through AQA Unit Award scheme and/or sensory experiences across the curriculum.


Computing Curriculum Summary Document