Maple class is currently a class of 12 students from year 8 to year 11. Students in Maple have severe learning difficulties and receive a tailor-made curriculum to meet their needs.

The class has a full time specialist teacher and is supported by two teaching assistants throughout the week.

Through the delivery of the AQA Unit Award Scheme, students are encouraged to work on a range of academic and life skills with an emphasis on being out and about in the community. The class also participate in a lot of practical, hands on activities to support all curriculum areas.

The curriculum is differentiated and adapted to ensure all children reach their full potential and as well as working through specific AQA units, students also focus on individual targets in core academic subjects as well as personal and social targets.

Students in Maple also participate weekly in vocational studies currently offering the choice of; pet care, craft skills, health and fitness, enterprise and exploring performance.

Due to the needs of the students in Maple we focus heavily on speech and language strategies and communication work through all that we do and encourage students to communicate confidently and effectively, developing social skills and encouraging independence as they continue their journey through the school moving towards the transition to post 16.