Chestnut Centre

The Chestnut Centre currently has pupils from Year One to Year 11, split across 2 classes as a primary base and a secondary base. The children accessing the centre may have a variety of learning, medical, social and emotional needs catered for by a good staff to pupil ratio.

In the Chestnut Centre, we follow the Primary Curriculum, adapted for our children’s abilities.  We love to learn exploring and play based activities. We are very lucky to learn in a newly purpose built centre and are having lots of fun personalising areas to suit all our different needs (movement room, sensory room etc.!). 

Our big focus is developing communication skills through lots of small group and individual sessions plus focusing on listening and attention skills. We learn to communicate effectively with others, signing, using objects of reference and symbols as well as ‘intensive interaction’ for our pupils who are working at a pre-verbal stage.

We aim to also develop our independence skills through becoming more independent getting ourselves dressed and toileting.