Rigby Hall Special School is situated within the Aston Fields area of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

Our aim is to provide a high quality education for those children and young people aged from Reception to Post 16, with a range of learning difficulties and/or autism.

Our purpose is to provide a safe, positive, stimulating and challenging learning environment where all our pupils’ needs are identified and met and where progress, achievements and success are recognised and celebrated.

In addition, we will develop pupil’s personal responsibility and encourage decision making and choice.  To achieve this we listen to and respect our pupils’ voice and contributions, communicating with them through whatever means appropriate.  Our children are supported to make good judgements; to protect themselves and to manage their emotions and communicate ideas and we ensure our young people are ready for life’s opportunities.

Relationships between staff and pupils are excellent and create a genuine, positive and supportive family atmosphere.  We develop individualised pathways where pupils are best prepared for life beyond school, taking in to account their individual needs. 

We are committed to improving outcomes for children and young people and value our partnership with parents and outside agencies; working together to ensure a consistent approach and learning environment that meets each pupil’s needs.  We encourage interagency collaboration and integrated working with education, health and care colleagues.

Rigby Hall welcomes opportunities to work with others, sharing our expertise with other schools locally and regionally and within our local authority. 

We are exceptionally proud of our school and hope the website gives you a valuable insight in to Rigby Hall School.

Due to the high volume of phone call enquires for school places, unfortunately we are unable to offer individual calls. However, if you have questions regarding the school that have not been answered through the website or virtual tour please email - Office@rigbyhall.worcs.sch.uk where someone will endeavour to get back to you. Alternatively you can call SEN services on 01905 845 579 or email - sen@worcschildrenfirst.org.uk. 

*This is only short term due to the amount of calls we are receiving about places, we are hoping to get our tours around school back up and running again soon. 

Tracey Smith