MFL Overview


 At Rigby Hall School we believe that learning about Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) helps our students to further develop their language and communication skills, as well as enhancing their confidence. Our MFL work is differentiated at a level appropriate to the student’s needs and includes the use of Signalong and symbol work to enable all of our students to succeed.

Through a cross-curricular approach to the delivery of MFL, we teach students about countries, cultures and communities other than their own. Our students are encouraged to recognise and develop an interest in the similarities and differences between themselves and others.

We hold whole-school MFL themed days throughout the year for students to learn about the language and culture of other countries. Students in Key Stage 3 also have a fortnightly, timetabled MFL French lesson to develop their knowledge of greetings and topic words.

French subject map 2018-19 Cycle 3 of 3 French subject map 2019-20 Cycle 1 of 3 French subject map 2020-21 Cycle 2 of 3 Subject pathway through school