Sapling class has pupils from Reception to Year One.  In Saplings, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  We engage in lots of learning through play based activities and we like to get messy!  Throughout our day, we play and learn in both our classroom and outdoor area, having lots of fun in activities such as: making marks in custard and painting spaghetti, finding numbers, letters and pictures in shaving foam and learning to listen to stories through sensory experiences. 


Over the year, we develop our listening and attention through lots of small group and individual listening games, learning to take turns with each other.  We learn to communicate effectively with others, using objects of reference, pictures, symbols and signing.  We develop our communication and language skills throughout our school day at a pace suited to the individual child.


In Saplings we develop our independence skills, whether it be through becoming more independent in getting ourselves dressed, or being able to recognise the need to visit the toilet.  Children enjoy taking on roles of small responsibility, whether it be taking the register to the office, or setting up the table for snack time.